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Chicken, here!?

This is something I saw a lot of when I was in Kenya. Chicken walking, eating and minding it’s own business. It seems like noone owns them, but surely someone does, and propably someone is watching them.

But I must admit that I did not think I would ever see that in Norway. maybe on a farm, but elsewhere never. I thought I’d never see chicken walking, eating and mining it’s own business at the wayside of a norwegian road, right outside a norwegian city.

My first thought was that they had escaped through a hole in the fence, cause they should’ve been enclosure of a kind, cause that what we do, isn’t it? I guess they’d escaped somehow. cause as far as I could see, noone was watching them.

But I didn’t see anyone watching the chicken in Meru eather, if I didn’t take a closer look around.

Soo, why is it, that in Norway we have to have fences and enclosures for our chicken?

First thing; cats, dogs and foxes. They can hunt and eat the chicken.
BUT there is cats and dogs in Kenya too…

Number two; someone could steal the chicken. It is so much easier if they’re  on you’re property.
BUT I’m pretty sure close to noone in Norway would do that. What do you need a chicken for, do you have any idea how to keep a chicken? Do you know how to slaugther, isn’t it disgusting with blood and everything? And the feathers, don’t forget the feathers!  Isn’t it easier to just buy chicken legs or filé in the store instead?
And one more thing; what would people think of you if they saw you stealing a chicken? What is wrong with you? You don’t seriously consider to steal a chicken, do you?

Third; The chicken may flee and never come back!
BUT don’t they stay around where they are kept? And I don’t think it was a big problem in Kenya.

4 ; others can be bothered by your chicken, especially if you live in a city. Maybe this is why it’s okey for kenyans to have “losse” chicken, and norwegians cannot?

Five; Money. 
If you have chicken in Norway and your not a farmer, the reason you have the chicken is propably not because you’re poor. It’s propably another reason, a hobby or something. And I guess you have enough money to feed your chicken well. You don’t need to have the chicken by the road where it can eat waste or insects. And you also have the money for an enclosure, so why not build one?

6th; harder to find the eggs. It is harder if you have to search a bigger area! And it will look stupid, imagine !

Last but not least; laziness? It is so much easier to have chicken in an enclosure, isn’t it?

I think it’s posible to find more reasons, I sure there plenty of them.

I’m sure this will not be the last time I see something “abnormal” in Norway, that is more than normal in the wider world.


Just have a closer look at a norwegian newspaper, or pay a little more atention when you watch the news.


– Mari-Ann


Yesterday’s news from Kenya

Check out this link and se what some kenyans did because they’ve had enought of “greedy MPs”.

What is CFC?

This movie is in Norwegian, and is made to make youth interested in applying for the CFC program.

This movie is made by Frøydis Gording!

Frøydis’ Africa blog:

– Mari-ann

What to buy at Oslo airport?

Right now I’m sitting at Oslo airport. The plane to bodø goes 13.00.

This is some of the things you can buy there:

One hour at the beach

Yesterday we finally had some free time in daylight. The darkness and lack of sunlight has made many of us even more tired. As if the hard work to make the show wasn’t enought.
SOOOO! To get back our energy,  me, Nardine and Anna  put on a lot of  really warm clothes and went to the beach!

At our way down there we bought icecream. A young man at the supermarked commented, and got surprised when we told him where we were going , and what we planned to do 🙂 

Is it ever to cold to go to the beach and have an icecream? 

Then we ran by the beach, and took some pictures in the beautiful light with nature, and industry in the background.
And right before we left, we went out in the water!

(Anna is a good photographer)

We had a lovely time at the beach,
in Ulsteinvik

– Mari-Ann

Alpha Gitau

Alpha Gitau is one of the CFCers from Kenya this year.
He’s also blogging, check out his BLOG


– Mari-Ann

Stop Poverty

Since last week we’ve been working with the show for the tour we’re going on from next weekend on. It’s been some loooong days of working and we’ve learning a lot about communication by working closely together.

We’re splitting the group in two. One group is going to the easterna and southern part of Norway, and my group is going to Hamarøy and Bodø. And after about one and a half week, al of us are meeting in Oslo.

we’ve worked with drama, music, media and dance. And I’m so proud of al the CFCers and GoCYers here. The show is going to be really good.

The theme is climate change, as a part of the stop poverty campaign. Here’s a video expalining the campaign:

(It’smade by christian aid, but YWCA-YMCA is running the campign in Norway)

Do you think we can Stop Poverty?


For more info about our demands read the Policy Paper from KFUK-KFUM Global


– Mari-Ann